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Jazz Lounge, Craft Cocktail Bar, All- ​Natural Wine & Eatery

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$2 dollars off All Signature Cocktails

$9 Ginger Bee's Knee's, $10 Strawberry Fields, $9 Mangonada, $10 Army Navy on the Rocks

All day:

Wine Down Wednesday: 25% off all in-stock wine TODAY ONLY!

full menu below

Classic RifFs

Rosemary Paloma |  $11

In-house rosemary syrup, fresh ​pressed grapefruit juice, lime & ​Repos​ado

Yellow Jacket |  $17

Monte azul, yello chartreuse, elderflower liquor & orange bitters

Walnut Old Fashion  |  $13

Woodford reserve, walnut bitters & dermara syrup

Oaxacan old fashioned  |  $14

Velvet falernum, grapefruit bitters, triple citrus zest, your choice of agave spirit

Rum Matcha-Colada  |  $12

Matcha coconut milk, orange, pineapple, dark rum

Coffee Cocktails

Carajillo |  $14

Espresso & vanilla licor

The Abide |  $13

Coffee liqueur, sugar, vodka, topped with oat milk

Orange espresso Gin & tonic  |  $12

Shot of espresso, fresh pressed OJ, tonic water & gin

Lavender cold brew martini  |  $14

Cold brew coffee, lavender, Mr. Black, vodka, vanilla vegan froth

all-natural Wine List

Good boy- heavy Pétting-Cab ​Franc- Pét Nat

| $14 / $44

Heavy Pétting” is 100% Cab Franc, an ​unusual grape for a pét-nat, but hey, the ​chemistry is off the charts!

Tasting notes: Figs, spiced baked plums, ​rain-soaked clay, red fruit leather

Good Boy- Party Boy Red

| $11.50 / $36

An easy-drinker, porch-pounder, but ​whatever you want to call it, it's simply ​delightful. The red blend is primarily ​Grenache & some white varieties to ​lighten things up. This is definitely a ​LIGHT-red that borders rosé, so don't go ​expecting a full-bodied Cabernet.

Tasting notes: Cherry Pop Rocks, ​pomegranate seeds, fruit snacks, frozen ​berries

all-natural Wine List

Good Boy- Chardogay- Zippy ​white P​ét Nat

| $14 / ​$44

This is a gorgeous (and active) ​sparkling pét-nat wine, with fine bubbles ​that last, both in the bottle and on the ​palate. It's grown up and refined, so ​even your mama will like it (we promise)!

Tasting notes: Resort piña coladas, ​sugared brioche, spring citrus blooms

Good Boy- Par​ty Boy White ​

| $11.50 / $36

A simply delightful white/orange blend ​contains both direct-pressed white ​varietals & a bit of skin contact as well ​to make things interesting. Whether ​you're into clean(ish) white wines or ​light orange wines, this one will be sure ​to satisfy on both fronts.T​asting notes: Honeycrisp apple, mango, t​all boy cans of Arnold Palmer

North American Press

- The Maker | $19 / $48

A true American white wine. Ripe ​tropical flavors in combination with a ​lush texture and bright acidity.

Solid Square


Goji Berry Spritzer


Goji Berry infused Grapefruit juice, house made Strawberry syrup, Blackberry compote as base, topped with mineral water. add kava $2

Matcha Colada


Coconut milk, Matcha milk, wheat grass, pineapple juice, orange juice. add kava $2



kava root, lime, sugar, mint

Brewed Coffee & Tea Signatures

The Usual | $3 / $3.50

Pour over brewed coffee by the cup

The Reserve |  $6

Yama tower cold brew. Limited daily supply

Levitate | $7

Uplifting cold brew coffee & refreshing lemonade. Upgrade to The Reserve for $7

Brewed Coffee & Tea Signatures

Cold Brew | $4.50/ $5

Locally sourced coffee, brewed cold.

Cloud Tea | $5.50

Organic Earl Grey w/ splash of Dream Cream

Euphoria | $5 / $5.50

Organic Butterfly Pea Flower Tea & refreshing lemonade

Growth Mentality | $6 / $6.50

Premium-grade Matcha Tea Latte


Wunderground brain wash | $1.50

Dream Cream | $1.50

Organic hazelnut or vanilla syrup | $0.75

supercharge (coffee ice cubes) | $2

Signature Espresso

River Sun Mocha | $6.50

River Sun vanilla latte | $5.75


Doppio Espresso “Shaken” w/ organic vanilla syrup & splash of Dream Cream

The Shaman | $7 / $7.50

Solo or Doppio latte w/ Brain Wash & splash of Dream Cream

classic Espresso offerings

Tea offerings

ESPRESSO | $2.50 / $3

Solo or Doppio

locally sourced:

Earl grey | $4.50

Very berry herbal blend | $4.50

wellness herbal blend | $4.50

sencha | $4.50

ayuverdic chai | $5.50

premium-grade matcha | $5.50

AMERICANO | $3.75 / $4.25

Solo or Doppio


CAP | $4.25

Can be made “dry“ upon request

*Option to upgrade to ‘tea latte‘

+ $1.50 Dream Cream or + $ 1 Milk

LATTE | $4.75



OneYama Glass French Press filled with fresh delicious coffee. Approx. 6 cups of coffee. Good for uplifting groups or work days.

Mylk plant- based milk, & mill-king dairy milk are both available for beverages


Mon & TuEs: Closed

Wed-Thur & Sun: 6pm-12am

Fri & Sat: 6pm-1am


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1011 Avenue B San Antonio, tx 78215

River Sun House Rules

No Public restrooms!

21+ establishment (LOUNGE HOURS)

no pets allowed inside, except service pets

No outside food/drinks. Our eatery is located on our back patio


No walk throughs

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